Thursday, 9 November 2017

Antipodean Cafe @ Damansara Jaya, Petaling Jaya

Today, we were in the mood for some heavy Western brunch sets and my all time favourite place is Antipodean. I have been to their outlet in Bangsar so many times and have always returned a satisfied customer. Having heard that they have another outlet in Atria which does non Halal breakfast, we decided to head there instead. It's been a while since we last had some good breakfast sets with Bacon and Ham. 

The Outlet In Atria, Damansara Jaya

Their Menu

Their Menu

Bottled Water On The House

Pepsi @ RM 8.00 per can
This outlet in Atria Shopping Centre is located on the Ground Floor, not too far from their main entrance. They occupy a huge space and I was not surprised to see the place full house at 3 pm. Just like I was told, this place does serve non Halal dishes and it is clearly stated on the board where their menu is displayed. 

Big Breakfast @ RM 26.00

Pork Sausages @ RM 12.00
Their Big Breakfast is total value for money. For RM 26.00, you get some bread, salad, potatoes, mushrooms, bacon and scrambled eggs and the portions are huge. Even for a heavy eater, it would take a while to finish this and it's something that would fill your tummy for a very long time. Taste wise, I must confess that it was very good and they were very generous with the ingredients and only quality ingredients were used. Even the Bacons were one that was of a higher grade. 9/10 would be my rating for this. We had also ordered some Pork Sausages and this was priced at RM 12.00 for two long sausages. Just as expected, the quality was amazingly good. Again, I would rate this at 9/10. 

Omelette with Cheese and Mushrooms @ RM 22.00

Lamb Burger @ RM 26.00
The Omelette with Cheese and Mushrooms was again a mind blowing dish. They had been very generous with the milk and cheese so much so, with each cut, you get cheese oozing out of the eggs. 10/10 would be my rating for this dish. Their Lamb Burger was good as well but it surely wasn't as great as the breakfast sets. The patty could have been a little more bigger. Otherwise, it was a good dish and my rating for this shall be 8/10. 

Our Bill For The Day
There are many cafe's in the Klang Valley that boast about their Western breakfast sets. For me, after having tried most of those places, I would still vouch for Antipodean for the quality ingredients and reasonable prices.Their Big Breakfast with Bacon, Sausages as well as Omelette with Cheese & Mushrooms were really good. If you're looking for a good Western breakfast spot that serves Bacon and Ham as part of their dishes, I would recommend visiting their outlet in Atria, Damansara Jaya. Excellent food at very reasonable prices. 

Address: Atria Mall, G 37 Ground Floor, No. 38, Jalan Ss 22/21, Damansara Jaya,
                47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Business Hours: 0830 - 2230 Daily

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Kim Kee Bak Kut Teh @ Tanjung Malim, Perak

Kim Kee Bak Kut Teh is one of the two surviving Bak Kut Teh restaurants in Tanjung Malim. Before the North South Highway, there were many more that were located along the old state trunk roads but with the new highway, many of them were forced to close down due to decline in business. Today, we only have Chun Mei and Kim Kee that are still holding on and going strong, mainly with the support from the locals and occasional travelers. 

The Restaurant Along The State Trunk Road

Old Wooden Structure

Kim Kee is famous among the local Chinese community as they serve medium bodied tea whereas Chun Mei is famous among the East Malaysian students that are studying in UPSI as well as the local Indian community as they serve dark bodied tea which seems to be preferred by them. My choice however would be Kim Kee. After all, it's just a matter of preference. 

White Rice @ RM 1.00 per bowl

Medium Bodied Tea
White Rice is priced at RM 1.00 per bowl and you can top up as much tea as you want. There is no additional cost for this. The tea here is medium bodied, way more authentic that what you would commonly get at those modern Bak Kut Teh places as is made solely from herbs and tea. Not oily and it gives you a very satisfying taste to you palate. My rating for this shall be 9/10. 

Bak Kut Teh @ RM 8.00

Eggs @ 0.80 each
They have a variety of meat cuts here so you could choose based on your preference. Right from the big bone to lean meat, the choice is yours. I would usually go for a mix of meat and fat. My rating for this shall be 8/10. The Lor Tan here is cooked separately and not with the meat. It has a much harder texture on the outside and is served with a mixture of the tea as well as light soy sauce. For me, I find these to be really good and they are similar to the ones that you get at those old Chinese Medical Halls which are slowly disappearing these days. My rating for these shall be 10/10. 

For those who are bored with the common preparation found in Kuala Lumpur, this is definitely a good alternative. I do remember many of my Singaporean friends asking me where to get Bak Kut Teh that comes with the dark/medium broth and this is one of such places. Tanjung Malim is located not too far from Kuala Lumpur and with the North South Highway, it's just a 40 minutes drive. 

Address: Kampung Berop, Jalan Slim Baru, 35900 Tanjung Malim, Perak.

Business Hours: 1100 - 2200 Daily

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Leaf Dining @ Solaris Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur

Another favourite place of mine in Kuala Lumpur for Banana Leaf Rice Set Meals would be Leaf Dining that is located in Solaris Mont Kiara. I have been patronising this place for a number of years now and gladly, the food has been consistently good and reasonably priced. 

The Menu

The Menu
The highlight at this restaurant during lunch hours is their Banana Leaf Rice Set Meals. For a reasonably heavy eater, the portions that comes with this set is good enough. For those who would like to have a very heavy meal, you could opt for the other set that comes with Rice and Chapati as well. As for their non vegetarian items, you could walk over to the end of the restaurant, have a look at the items and pick your favourite dishes. This is better than ordering at the table because when you say chicken, they may have five different types of chicken dishes and most often, the staffs do not tell you. So, best to head over and choose them yourselves. 

Comes In A Thali But Served On Banana Leaf

Set Meal @ RM 7.40
For RM 7.40, you get rice, free flow of curries, three veggies, pickles, pickled chili, some chutney, fried veggies, Appalam, some sweets and Rasam. And despite being labelled as a Thali Set, there is no limitation as to the amount of rice that you could have. I would say that this is a very good spread for the price. 

Lovely Vegetables

Kesari And Other Items
All their vegetables were fresh, not overcooked and they were tasty. Not only these, even the extras like Kesari etc were very tasty. My rating for these shall be 8/10. 


Vegetable Kulambu

Their Sambar came with lots of vegetables and similarly, their Vegetable Kulambu was wonderfully spiced and it was so good. My rating for the Sambar shall be 8/10 and 9/10 for the latter. Rasam was tasty as well and I shall give this 8/10. 

Leaf Dining is a restaurant that I have been visiting for almost a decade now and even after all these years, the food is still consistently good. For me, this is one of my favourite places in the Klang Valley for Banana Leaf Rice Meals. The food is tasty, speedy service and very reasonable prices despite being located in Mont Kiara. 

Address: No. 5-1, Jalan Solaris 1, Solaris Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Business Hours: 0700 - 2200 Daily

Monday, 6 November 2017

Kedai Makanan Dan Minuman KR Caterers @ Hulu Bernam, Selangor

Whenever we have some function at home, we would most often cater from KR Caterers. KR Caterers are located on the Hulu Bernam side of town, right opposite the Petron Station. It is a restaurant that only does breakfast. They do not do lunch or dinner as their catering business is quite huge and attending to that itself keeps them really busy. Most often, you would have to book at least two weeks ahead of your event, just to be on the safe side. There is no real minimum order quantity. Even if you want to order for ten people, they would accommodate it. Similarly, you could leave them to buy all the meat items or you could get it yourself as well. They are quite flexible in that way. 

Ghee Rice

Mutton Perattal With Potatoes
As always, their Ghee Rice was perfect. They are usually quite generous with the ingredients and even when you order for a smaller number of people, you would usually get much more. I would rate their Ghee Rice at 9/10. Mutton Perattal was another good dish. We had asked for more potatoes and they added really quite a bit. The gravy was thick and nice and it wasn't too spicy. My rating for this shall again be 9/10. 

French Beans Perattal

Cuttlefish Perattal with Gravy
The French Beans Perattal was just okay. I guess they may have prepared it very early in the morning or perhaps sometime late last night. In fact, it was a little overcooked as well. I would rate this at 7/10. The Cuttlefish Fish Perattal was awesome. Once again cooked with lots of potatoes and it came with some gravy which was just fantastic with the Ghee Rice. This was slightly on the spicy side and it was absolutely heavenly. My rating for this shall be 10/10. 

Masala Crab

Ayam Masak Merah
Their Masala Crabs were another excellent dish. The Masala itself was so thick and nice and the dish as a whole was excellent. 9/10 would be my rating for this dish. Their Ayam Masak Merah has a South Indian touch to it and it's not quite the same as the one's that you would get from Malay caterers. This was much more spicier and lots of spices were used. My rating for this shall be 9/10 as well. 

Prawn Sambal

Vegetable Kurma
The Prawn Sambal was really spicy and they were very generous with the ingredients. In fact, they had used lemongrass as well to give it that authentic taste. 9/10 shall be my verdict for this. Their Vegetable Kurma this time around wasn't up to my expectations. Not sure who made this dish but it surely wasn't the same. I felt that it was a little flat taste wise and they had added too much vegetables. This was the only disappointing dish and my rating for this shall be 6/10. 

Contact Details
If you're looking for a good South Indian caterer to work with in Tanjung Malim, KR Caterers would be my choice. Food is extremely good and they are very generous with the ingredients. And it's best to place your booking at least two weeks in advance. Price wise, they are definitely premium and my recommendation would be to finalise the pricing at the point of booking. If you don't mind spending a little more for good food, then this would be the best carers to work with. 

Address: Jalan Besar Ulu Bernam (Opposite Petron), 35900 Tanjung Malim, Selangor,

Opening Hours: 0800 - 1600 (They are usually open for orders or best to call before going)

Telephone: +6017 238 5562 (Devi)
                    +6017 260 1243 (Yoges) 
                    +6010 380 9011 (Ruban Rao)

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Indian Food Stall in Choy Kee Restaurant @ Damansara Jaya, Petaling Jaya

Choy Kee Restaurant is located in Damansara Jaya, Petaling Jaya and they are usually open from breakfast to lunch. During the day, it's mainly Chinese hawker food. Recently, they had started operating at nights as well and this starts from 6 pm onwards till around midnight. In the evening, the only stall operating would be an Indian stall selling South Indian food. 

Choy Kee Restaurant Located Along Jalan SS 22/11

The Indian Food Stall

My Meal @ RM 5.00
There's a decent variety of vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes and they seemed pretty okay to me. Prices are definitely reasonable. I had some rice, Chicken Curry, Chicken Perattal, Long Beans Perattal and a piece of Kicap Tofu and this lot was priced at RM 5.00 only. 

Chicken Curry

Kicap Tofu
Chicken Curry was decent. I had a decent amount of spices and wasn't the watery type. My rating for this shall be 7/10. The Kicap Tofu was a tad too salty. Would have been better if they had reduced the amount of salt. Otherwise, it was fresh. My rating for this shall be 6/10. 

Chicken Perattal

Long Beans Perattal

Teh O Ais @ RM 1.50
The Long Beans Perattal was also a tad too salty and a little overdone. My rating for this shall be 6/10. Their Chicken Perattal however was good. Lot's of masala used and the chunks were meaty. I would rate their Chicken Perattal at 8/10. Teh O Ais was good as well and my rating for this shall be 9/10. 

For a decent South Indian dinner in Damansara Jaya, you might want to check out this stall that is located in Choy Kee Restaurant. They are open daily from 6 pm till around midnight  and they have both vegetarian and non vegetarian options. Prices are reasonable and I loved the warm reception.

Address: No. 63, Jalan SS 22/11, Damansara Jaya, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Business Hours: 1800 - 0000 Daily 

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Campur Campur Kitchen @ Cyberjaya, Selangor

Campur Campur Kitchen is a restaurant that is quite famous in Cyberjaya. This restaurant is located on the Upper Ground Floor of DPulze Mall which is located along Persiaran Multimedia, just a stone throws away from Multimedia University. 

Busy During Peak Hours

Hong Kong Style Tea @ RM 5.57
If you are here during peak hours, you would need to wait a while as the place tends to be full house rather quickly. The restaurant itself does not have a very large space and that being the case, the tables can be very close to one another. In fact, if you come during peak hours, table sharing is a common sight. The staffs tend to become very busy but they have been trained well and they manage the crowd very efficiently. This is my first time here and I observed that the above Hong Kong Style Tea was quite famous with the customers and so, I too went for that. The Tea itself did taste like the Hong Kong style of preparation and for me, I would say that it was quite good. Comes in a huge glass too. My rating for this shall be 7/10.

Chicken + Salted Egg Yolk Rice Set @ RM 15.00
These kind of set meals are the thing here and what draws the huge crowd is the variety that comes with each set and they have close to 40 set meals. For example, I went for the Chicken + Salted Egg Yolk Rice Set and it came with some Rice, Chicken with Salted Egg, Sambal Petai, Pickled Egg and some Butter Chicken. All this for RM 15.00 only. 

Pickled Eggs

Butter Chicken
The Pickled Eggs were okay. Could have been better as I found the base to be a tad too watery. My rating for that shall be 7/10. Their Butter Chicken was a little too stiff. Otherwise, it did taste okay. 6/10 would be my rating for this. 

Sambal Petai

Salted Egg Chicken
Their Sambal Petai was nice. It had the right flavours and taste wise, it was up to my expectations. However, they could have been a little more generous with the Petai. Taste wise, I rate this at 7/10. The Salted Egg Chicken again was a little stiff and a tad too sweet. I'll give this 6/10. 

Our Bill
What generally sells here is the set meals that comes with a pleasant variety and you would never get bored with their sets as they have close to 40 set meals to choose from. Food could have been better. Nevertheless, the sets are definitely worth the price. 

Address: UG 18, DPulze Shopping Centre, Persiaran Multimedia, 63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor.

Business Hours: 1000 - 2200 Daily